Frequently Asked Questions

Directions to the Jackson office.  Heading North on I-55, take the Briarwood Dr. exit and then loop left to the bridge that goes across the interstate to the south bound Frontage Rd. Pass Cowboy Maloney’s , a car dealership, Captain D’s, Popeye’s, and Sherwin Williams paint store.  Turn on  Bounds Street between the Liquor Connection (an old Chinese restaurant) and A Complete Flag Source (the store with all the flags out front). Our building is the directly behind the old Chinese restaurant, on the corner of Bounds St. and Office Park Plaza. We are just before the Green Room. Our physical address is 114 Office Park Plaza, Jackson, MS 39206. Click here for a map.

How much does it cost for a pregnancy test? All of our services are FREE.

Do I need my parent’s consent for an appointment? It is not necessary to obtain your parent’s consent. We understand that you may be scared to talk to your parents about your situation and may even be concerned about how they may respond. If you are concerned about telling your parents that you are pregnant, you can discuss this with your decision specialist. She will help you determine the best way to approach this difficult conversation.

How accurate is the pregnancy test? Our medical grade urine tests are laboratory rated and over 99% accurate. Pregnancy can be detected as early as 7 to 10 days after conception, but the hCG pregnancy hormone may or may not be concentrated enough this early to show on a test.  We recommend coming in for a pregnancy test the day after a missed period.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy? Many women don’t experience any symptoms until after they have missed their period. Nausea, swollen breasts, being tired or dizzy as well as frequent urination are common symptoms a pregnant woman experiences. Every woman’s body is different and you may have different symptoms. It is also possible that any combination of these symptoms could mean you are premenstrual or that something else is wrong.  Many women can have irregular, or delayed, periods.   These irregularities can happen from month to month. Missing a period could be caused by pregnancy, but it could also be caused by illness, travel, worry or stress. The only way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test and see a doctor.

How much does it cost to have a sonogram? All of our services are FREE, including limited OB sonograms.   We focus on 1st trimester sonograms that help you determine if you have a viable intrauterine pregnancy.  Sonograms are by appointment only.   Please call us at 601-713-3113 to see if you qualify to receive a sonogram at our clinic.

Are there any risks in taking the Morning After Pill (sometimes called “emergency contraception”)? Yes. Some of the possible side effects of this drug are fatigue, irregular bleeding, tenderness, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness and blood clot formation. It works in 3 ways – inhibits ovulation, prevents sperm from reaching the egg, works as an abortion to prevent implantation.

Does abortion have any physical risks? Yes, abortion has possible risks to your body. You have a right to know these risks.  Check out our Thinking Abortion page for information on abortion procedures and risk.

Will abortion affect me?  A range of emotions is normal following an abortion. While some can experience relief right after their abortion, emotions can “catch up” with them months or even years later. Many express that they wish they could go back and “undo” the abortion. Typical symptoms for some people include: guilt, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, re-experiencing the abortion, fear of not being able to get pregnant again, survivors guilt, eating disorders, alcohol or drug abuse.  Abortion isn’t an “easy” solution by any means. If you are considering an abortion, please take the time to research all your options.  If you would like to hear some personal stories from local women who have experienced abortion,  you may want to check out our Freedom517 group.  These are women who are willing to tell their personal story of abortion.

Can anyone make me have an abortion? No. It is against the law for anyone to force you to have an abortion. Not even a husband or parent can require you to undergo an abortion against your will, even if you are a minor (under 18 years old). Our center exists to help you in any circumstance. We can also help you in discussing your possible pregnancy with those closest to you that are influencing your decision.