Patient Comments

“The nurses are very special to me and a blessing and thank God for good people who know what they are doing.”

“I was excited seeing the little baby and heartbeat.”

“I came here not knowing what was ahead of me. Then I ended up leaving with so much God on my heart. They helped me on my decision on becoming a parent to two beautiful boys. They always checked on me throughout my whole pregnancy. They also prayed for me when I needed the most. I really love this place and recommend anyone with nowhere to turn to come here.”

“You listened to me. You gave me a better look at life itself; you helped me overcome a lot of things that have been going on in my life.”

“You met every expectation.  I am so happy that I came here. I feel God placed you all in my path today to make a change in my life. Pray for my heart…”

“Honestly exceeded my expectations, walked in this clinic nervous and scared, walked out with a peace of mind.”

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“CPC and its staff has truly been a blessing in my life during this past year! Last March I came in for a pregnancy test and to my surprise it was positive: Before getting a positive test I hadn’t had any plans to have children any time soon but after the counseling I felt confident that I could do it! The entire CPC staff was so nice… I felt welcomed from the very beginning! When it came time to choose a community service project I choose CPC because I remembered the atmosphere and how much of a help their kind words meant to me at that time. It was a wonderful experience having been able to volunteer alongside such genuinely sweet women. I feel as if I gained an entirely new family! I will continue to volunteer at CPC as much as I can in the future, and I will continue to pray for them as I know they will pray for me in return!” – Dominique


“There were so many days when I cried my eyes out, thought, and sometimes said I should just get (or have gotten) an abortion. I begged God to help me. My pregnancy sparked the most beautiful friendship with Anja (a pro-life student leader at Mississippi State), and when I was 11 weeks 6 days pregnant, she took me to the Center for Pregnancy Choices, and they gave me a free sonogram. (CPC is such an amazing place!) I saw my little bitty baby. I saw its heart beat. I did my nervous laugh, attempting to hold back my tears, as I watched my tiny baby jump and dance around. That’s when I knew that I was going to do this, whatever it took.” – Claire

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