Japonica Waters sat down to talk with the CPC on the afternoon of April 18th 2018. She brought her son, Elijah, along with her. Elijah is one and a half years old. Japonica, a CPC friend and former client, shared her life story through smiles and attempts to occupy her little man. Her CPC story […]

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Free Pregnancy Testing

Clients receive trustworthy test results during their initial visit—no waiting required! Our medical-quality tests can detect hCG (the pregnancy hormone) as early as 7 days after conception and are 99% accurate. Positive urine pregnancy tests should always be confirmed with an ultrasound. Our clinic also offers these ultrasounds at no cost.

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Free Ultrasound

We offer free limited obstetrical ultrasound to prove the viability of pregnancy. This painless examination often takes only a few minutes and is used to confirm pregnancy, detect fetal heart beat, and determine estimated gestational age, due date and the location of pregnancy (intrauterine/ectopic). The ultrasound examinations will be provided by licensed Registered Nurses who are […]

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Options Counseling

Confused? Overjoyed? Scared? Hopeful? Overwhelmed? We care!  It is normal to have a variety of emotions with an unexpected pregnancy.   Our decision specialists are here to partner with you and offer support and information as you make your plans. You have choices.  We have tools that can help you evaluate questions like “How do I tell […]

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